XSplit Broadcaster as Zoom/Google Meet source is mirrored

Hi Team,

My scenario is that I want to broadcast in HD to a Google Meet (and occasionally zoom), while recording at the same time in HD.

When I open XSplit Broadcaster, I can see it as a source on both conferencing applications (Google Meet and Zoom). The issue is that the XSplit “camera” source for these meetings is mirrored, so that’s video, text…etc. Example.

Is there a way to feed scenes to the conferencing applications as I see them in XSplit Broadcaster (i.e. not mirrored)?


Thank you for reaching out to us, the camera feed being added on your Zoom, Google Meet or others is normally flipped on your preview. But, on the other end of the call it would appear normally.

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Thanks Moriones. Testing your explanation was something of doubt trip, but seeing is believing! I set up both a Zoom and a Google meet and join them on my phone in turn, and each had the browser window text on scene 2 the right way round.

This makes me very happy with the product.

Many thanks!

You are welcome, we are happy to help!