Xsplit broadcaster - crashing windows computer

while running xsplit broadcaster it is crashing Windows 10
– dump file I have but it wont allow link

Hi! We recommend contacting Support via the that icon at: https://www.xsplit.com/support

They can assist with troubleshooting from there, which would include collecting any logs such as that crash dump.

Any update… has not been fixed

Were you able to get in touch with Support through the live chat in the link?

No they do not respond

Sorry to hear that, you can also email our support team directly to support@xsplit.com and may I ask which version of XSplit are you using at the moment? Could you try using this PTR version of XSplit Broadcaster https://www.xsplit.com/ptr

Hi I am using your latest version and I also installed the PRE Release - The Pre Release lasted about 10 min which is better, but then CRASHED again and restarted computer. How can i fix this?

Ok emailed the NFO file… I also uploaded to Drive Google here: Crash-XSplit.nfo - Google Drive