XSplit Broadcaster PTR 4.0 released!

XSplit Broadcaster PTR - 4.0

Hey everyone, XSplit Broadcaster 4.0 Public Test Release (PTR) is here! Whilst we have been regularly releasing updates to the PTR, this is the first time announcing it for 4.0. For those that don’t know what the PTR is, it’s a way to try out new features and updates before they make it to the main release and to help us find issues before the wider release.

You can download the Public Test Release (PTR) here: https://www.xsplit.com/ptr

What’s new?

  • Updated UI - We’re on the road to update the user interface you interact with on a daily basis. For the initial update, we’ve included an easy to access stream and record button and provided the ability to resize the scenes and sources list.
  • Audio Effects (DSP) - Our ongoing effort to improve audio in XSplit Broadcaster introduces compression, EQ effects and more with a brand new UI to manage them.
  • Multiple Recording Profiles - Set up multiple recording profiles to record multiple scenes or different encoding settings.
  • Improved Extensions - With several extensions such as macros becoming staples of many broadcasts, it was a pain to remember to launch them every time you opened XSplit Broadcaster. Now, extensions will restore to their last state before closing Broadcaster and can also run in the background.
  • Playout Improvements - Specify which scenes you want to playout to NDI or Decklink devices with additional transparency performance options for NDI.
  • Stream Only in Audio Mixer - You can now monitor and adjust the levels of any source outputting to Stream Only.

Please Note: Not every feature may be implemented yet but will be included within the next PTR update.


  • Macros Extension - Import and export macros! Added triggers for outputs, audio sensitivity and leaving scenes. New actions for cue points, recordings and more. Additional improvements have been made for custom actions that allow you to make them user friendly with variables.
  • Stream Dashboard - You can now resize the chat and events sections and collapse the additional information at the top. Stream Dashboard is definitely an extension we want to expand on and make as flexible as possible.
  • Spotify Now Playing - Show the song you’re listening to on Spotify with ease with this new widget.
  • Presentation Packager - Improvements to add deeper support for more plugins and prevent it from including unnecessary copies of media files
  • Per Scene Lighting - Adjust your lighting set up on the fly based on the currently active scene. Useful for dimming your bright Elgato Key Lights when on scenes without cameras.

For a full list of patch notes, please see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQZGjZqkpmY1WBQD0DJ0UdA3_aKxvfEBQEkDcijkp_Gsb2W1EyJ_SOYf9H6ruxK2YAtxe0pbMQKn1Q0/pub

Please provide any issues or feedback you have in the #ptr-feedback channel. For ideas and suggestions, please use https://ideas-xbc.xsplit.com/


  • Updated XSplit Broadcaster branding!
  • Improved Vulkan Support, and optimizations
  • Added a new notification bar to let you know when plugin updates are available
  • Upgraded to NDI SDK to 4.1
  • Fixed an issue where recordings would be temporarily pixelated when using the pause recording feature
  • Custom LUTs will now work if “Full Dynamic Range” is unchecked
  • Prevented “Stream Only” device from being removed when updating XSplit Broadcaster
  • Deeper support for Logitech’s StreamCam
  • Added support for Z-rotation with scene presets

Miscellaneous - Plugins and Extensions

  • Facebook Output: Fixed an issue where selecting country wouldn’t work and where a custom image for scheduled broadcasts would become blurry
  • Mixer & Twitch Outputs: Resolved an issue where you was unable to switch from stream key to web auth
  • Restream.io Output: Fixed an issue where Restream auth would return a 502 error and migrated to API V2
  • Elgato Stream Deck: Scenes should no longer be recreated when switching to a deleted scene
  • Macros Extension: Prevent an issue where transition actions would get reset when updating XSplit Broadcaster
  • OBS Scene Importer: Fixed an issue where some OBS scenes could not be imported using the OBS Scene Importer. Additionally, imported sources will now default to keep in memory
  • Twitch Chat: Non-English characters will now show
  • Facebook Live Comments: Comments no longer break when starting a secondary output
  • Stream Dashboard: Added support for gifted subscriptions
  • Stream Dashboard: Resolved an issue where the dashboard would take a long time to load
  • Stream Dashboard: Viewer count for Facebook now shows
  • Stream Dashboard: Twitch resub months value is now correct
  • Stream Dashboard: Mixer stream details now update as they should
    Plugin Store: Added support for translation/localization