Xsplit connect not working with iphone 7

I have the xsplit connect version 1.02.2011.161 on my iPhone 7 running iOS 14.2. I have xsplit VCam 2.0.2011.1701 on Windows 10. Both devices connected to same wifi. The iPhone is discovered in the camera selector in the xsplit vcam. On selecting the iPhone from the drop down, I can see that the iPhone shows camera is activated and the app shows that the feed is live. However, there is no feed appearing in the xSplit Vcam app. It works perfectly fine with the android app.

Hi! Does the iPhone show up in VCam if you connect it via USB cable?


I don’t have ITunes installled on my computer and I don’t intend to install it. The iPhone shows up in the xsplit camera dropdown when the iphone is connected over wifi.

Isn’t the app supposed to work over wifi for iphone as it does with my android?

Yes it does, would like to ask if there are other devices connected in your WiFi? Could you do a test where you only have the Iphone 7 and the PC with VCam connected in the internet to see if you would have the same issue?

Also, does the Iphone 7 have the latest OS update?

The os is on the latest update 14.2.

I will see if I can block all connectivity on my wifi and only have PC and the iPhone7 connected.

Alright, let us know how it goes with that test. If issue persists do send us a screenshot of what you see on the VCam when selecting your mobile phone.

I found a workaround. When I change the connection from Automatic to Manual and switch to TCP instead of UDP, it is working fine. However, whenever bitrate is changed, the app switches back to the automatic connection. Also, the app crashes quite a lot. Android app has none of these issues.

I spoke too soon about the android app. There was an update today for android version 1.06.2012.1500 and the app is extremely buggy. It doesn’t connect most of the times and crashes. The desktop xsplit cam app also freezes and crashes sometimes.

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Are you still experiencing freeze and crash issues using VCam app?

Please make sure to try the latest VCam version (2.1.2101.0603) from https://www.xsplit.com/vcam. This version is not yet available through in-app update.