XSplit Connect - Wired connection indicator

Is there a way to indicate in the app if the feed is getting broadcasted through the wifi or the wired connection? I tether my android device with my PC but during the calls I still face stutter or freezes. I am not entirely sure if the camera stream is over wifi or through the wire. A small hint in the phone app somewhere while broadcasting to show that it is streaming over the wire and not wifi would be helpful. Since the app mandates wifi connectivity despite using wire for sending the feed, I can’t test by switching off wifi in the phone and only connect through the wire.

This is already included in the latest version of XSplit Connect: Webcam apps. It shows in the LIVE status if it’s connected via β€œ(WIFI)” or β€œ(USB)”. :slight_smile:

Yes I noticed that in the recent update. It is really nice to know that I can use the best quality while being tethered.

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