Xsplit doesn't show up in the stream deck

Hi guys, I’m new to Xsplit and got the subscription for the broadcaster today. I followed the steps in the video and activated the stream deck extension in XSBC but it doesn’t show up in the Elgato Streamdeck. I uninstalled and installed it again, I restarted,… and did all these typical things, but nope - no Xsplit - only the game caster, but that doesn’t help me. Any idea what else I could try?

Hi! If you go to Help > About in the XSplit Broadcaster window: Which version are you currently running?

Hi, the version is: Xsplit v.4.0 (4.0.2007 2902)

If you click Extensions in the top menu, do you see a Stream Deck extension there? If not, go to the plugin store, search and install it.

Yes, but as you can see, no Xsplit on the Stream Deck (Version:

Screenshot (2536)

Oh that’s strange, let me try and take a look in to this.

If you press the icon in the top right of the Stream Deck app


Do you see XSplit in the list?

I swear I clicked a million times on it and it wasn’t there! Now it is! :flushed:

Thanks a lot! You just saved my day! :pray:

But, uhm is it correct that there is no button to “go live”? I see only Scene, Source, Record, Screenshot, OUtput, Mic, Speakers :eyes:

“Output” is the option you’re looking for. Use that to Go Live

Thank you so much for your patience!!! I really appreciate it. Looks good now! :blush: