Xsplit freezes generally for no reason

I use a camera in my scenes, avermedia is in my scenes, chrome window showing in my scenes, streamlabs, sometimes a TIMER using text then Countdown…

Xsplit sometimes freezes my entire windows 10 computer, so badly the mouse is 100% frozen, and everything that was last seen is frozen solid. Control Alt Delete does nothing so I have to turn it off by hand.

I use a nvidia video card, but GPU PRIORITY is off. Hardware acceleration is off. Legacy video options is on.

This total freeze of all aspects of my PC happens with xsplit on only.

hey there !
You have to some test for this…
First go file upper left side on sxplit save your presentation. After click file again and click new Presentation your all scenes and sources will deleted automaticly. .Then try switch to scenes just play a bit on xsplit look its still freezing.?
İf its not slowly try add your sources and widgets step by step and you easly can find which source or what ever you add on xsplit making program to freeze after i can help you

i get some problem i did same thıng what ı telled you . İ find its about my capture card (elgato)
when ı add elgato ıts freezıng 100/100 because xplit software trying to show my capture card on my scene all time how ever my hdmi cable is cheap and its 15 meters. i changed to cable 3 meters its worked fine freezing is sloved for me its just an example on my problem @borg1982