XSplit Freezes when Mousing Over Playout > Projector > Scene 2

Hi there. Randomly, navigating to Playout > Scene 2, xsplit freezes. This happens after a few times of doing the action.

Hi there, may I ask which version of XSplit Broadcaster are you using? And, do you mean Playout > Screen 2? Do you get any error when this issue happens?

v4.0.2007.2907 is the version. And yes, Playout > Projector > Screen 2. No error messages, hard freeze. I have to restart.

Is XSplit app on the Screen 2? And, can you provide a saved copy of your MSINFO. Here is how you can get the MSINFO: https://www.xsplit.com/support/useful-tools/generating-an-msinfo32-file

Actually, yes. I use the XSplit app on the same screen as the Projected Screen (2). It’s kind of a way for me to play games directly through XSplit.

If you move the XSplit app on a different screen then try doing the steps to replicate the issue does it still happen?

I’ll give you a real test case when I’m streaming. So far several times using the projection function on a separate screen has not caused XSplit to crash.

Alright, let us know how it goes with your test. Before the test do enable enhanced logging on Advanced tab in Tools > Settings of XSplit