Xsplit Freezes when recording 2022/Jan

I’ve been using xsplit for a couple of years and it was amazing when I started using scene projection in Window, no recording neither streaming problems. But…
Now i’m getting some problems, because every time I’m recording it freezes every few seconds, making the feature unusable. Is even worst if I’m projecting the scene in a window.

Since I’m capturing from HDMI The CPU / GPU usage is pretty low and no drop frames are reported.

I’ve tried several different configurations without any improvement. By contrast this is not happening when I’m using Streamlabs or OBS Studio with same recording configuration.

Here you can find a video recorded while projecting, https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgbckeYPA_k80dtVztIAghQfEXtCtQ?e=jV9bKw

And these are my current recording and xsplit settings (it doesn’t matter what settings, the results are the same)


Then, here you can find my system configuration (msinfo32)


And these are my log files generated from XSplit


Any help or guidance is more than welcome.