XSplit Freezing

We are using XSplit for our live church services to send to YouTube and Facebook. Periodically we have had freezing issues but last week was really bad when creating the scenes on Friday. On Sunday it froze during the service and we had issues restarting and reloading the saved presentation. We finally got it going.

Some symptoms:

  • We had more video scenes (.wmv as the source of a scene) this week. It seemed to freeze when going from the video scene to the camera scene (webcam + JPG + NDI of words from another computer)
  • We are using XSplit on another computer to “NDI” the slides and words over to our Broadcasting instance of XSplit on our streaming computer
  • Some of our video scenes also have the NDI source from the other computer to have a countdown clock video in the corner
  • Our Admin shrunk the video sizes down to make them smaller file sizes not sure if she changes the size, resolution or bitrate. But that seems to help on Friday to prevent some of the freezing.

I will be turning on the advanced logging this week to see if we can catch something in the logs. In the mean time, let me know if there are other things to look at or consider.

We are planning on starting a fresh presentation this week (rather than reusing last weeks) and rebuilding each scene from scratch.

If the application crashes again, could you grab a dump file for us? Would help a lot. Zip it up and then upload it to something like Google Drive.

Instructions on how to do so are here - https://www.xsplit.com/broadcaster/troubleshooting/crash-dump

Attached the DMP file here:
CORE: Dump after starting XSPLIT and having it hang upon opening
CORE2: Dump after restarting, selecting new presentation, loading previous presentation, switching scenes, and freezing
CORE3: Uninstall XSPLIT, reinstall XSPLIT, open XSPLIT, load previouis presentation, switching scenes and freezing

Let me know if anything else is needed.