Xsplit Gamecaster v4 suggestions

Just went and tried the v4 Beta again.

Seems like improvements were made,
But would like to put in some suggestions.

First off, I noted the Chat overlay for v4 doesn’t have the option for me to
choose on whether my chats will appear in my live stream or just on my screen, or both (Like you can in
V3). Would love to have this option be available in v4

Second, I think the widget for stream chat is kinda overkill, considering all I need is just the “Viewer” Count. Giving us the option to have what stream stats show on the overlay would be great.
or better yet, have the viewer count show on the “Stream Status” widget.

Overall, I like the new changes. And I might try it because I can’t seem to Live stream to youtube nor FB anymore using V3. :frowning:

p.s :- Anyway, to the Xsplit Devs, would be kind of you to drop a message in this topic to let me know my voice is heard. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hi! You can get in touch with the devs over on the Gamecaster server in Discord. They’ve got an #ideas channel there where you can submit suggestions like this.