Xsplit hanging on load

I’m having an issue with my Xsplit after I upgraded my PC’s motherboard, CPU, and GPU. I used to have an Asus M8H77-M PRO with an Intel i5 2500k; I now have a x470 Gaming Plus with a Ryzen 5 3600 (went from Intel to AMD, if that’s important), and I went from a GTX 1050ti to an RTX 2080. Xsplit loads just fine and runs with no issues if I restart my computer and load it immediately, but if I try to run it a few minutes after startup, the loader hangs indefinitely at roughly 80% completion and I need to close the program in Task Manager. Reinstalling did not fix the issue.

I also tried running the PTR version on a different drive, but that one hangs at 50% completion, and it also needs to be closed through Task Manager.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hey nice_guy234,

Can I ask what’s your RAM capacity of your setup? We recommend at least 8GB of memory to load up XSplit.
Are you still using HDDs? Try to install your windows OS and XSplit to an SSD that could help bootup the application without issues.
Are your drivers updated? We also recommend to update your drivers to the latest version.

My RAM is 16 GB and both my OS and Xsplit are installed to the same SSD. Far as I can tell, all my drivers are updated and current.

I’m pretty sure I found the cause on my own last night: my capture card is an Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD, which is a good card (and is compatible with Xsplit), but it’s over half a decade old, and it doesn’t seem to be playing nice with my new motherboard. Other capture programs that try to use it hang just as badly as Xsplit. When I uninstalled its driver, Xsplit started loading normally again.

So, I guess I’m in the market for a new card. :sweat_smile:

It seems your capture card is now a legacy card. I also checked the card’s support with the last version is 1.54 and Windows 8.

Looking for a new card will be your best bet to support your new setup :wink:

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