Xsplit keeps freezing when adding source

I’ve been using starboard for awhile now to keep score of matches I stream. Now it quit showing up so deleted from seen and when I go to add from source xsplit freezes. Also says I have some sources that need updated when I click on it xsplit freezes.


May we ask for the link of the scoreboard for us to check and replicate it on our end?

For testing purposes, try to create a new blank presentation then update the plugins on your Broadcaster. Be sure to save your presentation before creating a new one.

So one I click to add the starboard xsplit freezes. Going to test if I add another source to see if it still freezes.

Tried adding other sources and xsplit did not crash. Seems to be just the starboard scorer.

Let’s rule out if it’s an issue with Starboard and the current version of XSplit Broadcaster. Do you still get crashes if you add that source in the PTR version?