Xsplit stuttering 144 FPS why? COD Vanguard

Good Morning,

I would like to stream COD Vanguard.

As soon as the game goes over 60 FPS, my stream jerks.

If I lock the FPS to 60 FPS, the stream runs without problems.

This has only been around since the new versions of Xsplit.

Can someone help me there?

Could you try running XSplit Broadcaster as administrator and let me know if that solves your issue?

It doesn’t do any good.

Since the new version of Xsplit I can no longer stream PC games.

All games stutter. There was no such thing in the previous version.

When I stream the same games with OBS everything works.

Did you by any chance update to Windows 11? If so could you try toggling this option in your windows graphics settings

have been using Windows 11 since it appeared and this option is also switched on.

It’s still the same.