XSplit using a lot of resources when streaming

So lately when I stream, Broadcaster is using 30-50% of CPU. When I was streaming New World, my PC got ridiculously hot while live and the biggest CPU culprit was XSplit. It does this no matter what game I’m running, whether it’s older like Dragon Age II or New World.

This is a separate presentation I made for sponsored streams so I don’t have a lot going on with regard to sources. Quick spec listing:

  • Windows 10 Home 64Bit
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • AMD 6800XT GPU
  • Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core CPU 3.9GHz

Any suggestions on reducing the CPU load from XSplit? It’s only got worse with each oupdate.

What are you using for encoder? I.e. x264 or AMD VCE? The easiest way to reduce CPU load would be to utilize your GPU’s encoder. However, AMD’s VCE tends to not be on par with NVIDIA NVENC or x264 @ veryfast quality. New World and even most MMO’s for that matter tend to be very demanding in the CPU.

I’ve got H.264 and AMD VCE isn’t an option for me.

and this is how much resources XSplit is using when I’m not live.

Do you have any webpage sources that have big WebM files? Do you get the same issue (with CPU) if you’re on a blank scene? What is your Broadcaster version?

I have some webm and url sources yes. A friend helped me do some digging and it turns out that leaving “keep in memory” checked is what is causing this resource drain. Some things are running in the background and others are using chromium to stay ready to roll out. I unchecked “keep in memory” on any source that is a webm or url and it reduced the CPU/GPU straing quite a bit. It also explained the “48” next to XSplit Broadcaster in Task Manager.

I would recommend for video files that don’t need transparency, i.e. looping video backgrounds etc then use MP4 instead of WebM for these. WebM isn’t hardware accelerated which means the CPU is doing all of the decoding. MP4 is much more efficient in this respect

If I’d made them myself that would work great. Most of those are from overlay packages I’ve purchased A lot of them give you webm not MP4’s.

Ah okay, that makes sense. I think most of them do it to keep file sizes down, it’s just not optimal for CPU usage.