XSplit VCam + Connect - Need automatic refresh

I am finding the ability to use my android phone’s camera as a webcam incredibly useful. An issue that affects me is that for whatever reason the camera feed is not stable and often disconnects. I have to click on the refresh icon in the XCam Split app on the desktop to reacquire the feed. The worst part is that during meetings my colleagues notify me when my camera is stuck. I would like the main app to automatically attempt to refresh when the feed is lost and reacquire the feed. If the device is not detected, it should show a popup showing that I need to reconnect the device or switch to another camera. This would help avoid some embarrassment during the calls.

May I ask which particular android phone are you using? And, have you also tried connecting your mobile phone using a USB along with your internet connection to see if same issue happens?

Also, for this request to add an auto refresh can you post this as a feature request here https://ideas-xvc.xsplit.com/

I am having OnePlus5 with Android 10. Connecting through USB and Wifi both have occasional disconnects where the video freezes. I will add the idea as a feature request as you suggested.

I have the same problem on usn and wifi as well i have a note 10 and a moto z2 and they both do this