XSplit VCam doesn't start second time

Hi, i’m having a strange issue. I’m using VCam from Zoom and the first time I start video it works fine, however on the next video meeting it just doesn’t start (I’m getting black screen with no video and nothing happening. Also I can’t open XSplit app - it’s not responding at all). I usually go to Task Manager and kill the XSplit process, then restart video. It starts XSplit again and in a few seconds video is working fine. It’s pretty annoying, is there anything I could try to figure out what is causing this?

Hi! The first things to check would be if you have any pending updates for Windows, and for your GPU driver.

We also have a new update for VCam that isn’t available from the in-app update prompt yet. Please uninstall your existing VCam, then redownload the installer for Version 2.2.2103.2502 from the main XSplit website.

Does your XSplit VCam still stop responding on the second launch, after making those changes?

The new version fixed it. Thank you!

Alright! Let us know if you run into any other problems.