XSplit vCam - only default pics possible, cannot use other pics

I bought the lifetime license, it worked fine for a couple of days. But now I cannot change the backrount image, only the existing default pics are used. Changing to another image (whoch worked fine a couple of days ago) there ist just a black screen.

I alreade de-installed and re-installed the package, same effect.

I found VCam does not display background images that are on a network drive, they have to be on your local C drive or they will just show a black background

Thank you Andy. The files wereall in a local folder. I moved the files into another folder anyway - and indeed, it works fine now! Maybe because the former local folder is a synchronized folder …\username\pictures.
Thanks, it’s solved!

You can also map the network drive, so you can add any media file from that drive to VCam :slight_smile: