XSplit VCam sometimes freezes when minimizing after making sure it's working


I’ve been using XSplit for a while now and as of the recent release, it will freeze output (yet still show the regular webcam working when clicking on original preview by clicking on the output in XSplit VCam). If I reboot my whole computer, it starts working again (trying to quit from Task Manager and restarting does not stop the freezing). Let me know if there’s anything I’m missing but I think it’s the software.

Hi! We’ll need to get some more details about that setup. In which app are you using VCam as your camera output? Does the freezing happen specifically in the output window, and not in the VCam window itself?

Here’s a quick fix you can try: Change the Hardware acceleration settings and see if you still get a frozen output (whether you’re choosing your CPU or GPU).

VCam Settings