XSplit with Remote Desktop Audio Help

Hi there. I have a situation that I could use some help. I am the guy that streams live at our church. My configuration using XSplit, I use the microphone input coming from out audio mixer at church, I often play music or videos through xsplit out the the sound system, I use the audio preview on a second audio output from the computer to monitor the mix of audio through headphones. This all works great. I have a need to stream or direct from a remote location. I am using remote desktop and have the audio playing on the remote computer whcih has xsplit. That works well, however, I have no way of monitoring the audio mix coming out of xsplit in real time. The only way to do it is listening to it on youtube, which is okay, just delayed 8-10 seconds. I have a VPN set up, so I can be on the same network. Does anyone have any ideas? I am stumped.

This is somewhat a complicated setup, but if I want to monitor my stream audio from a remote location with the least amount of delay, I’d set Stereo Mix as microphone on an audio conference application (such as Discord), set my microphones to Listen to this Device so that the signal will be included in the Stereo Mix and mute my microphones on XSplit Broadcaster to avoid echoing.