Your account is already linked to another xsplit user

Its impossible to logon.
I only have 1 account
I already remove facebook connection on facebook and on xsplit
can someone help me?

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Hey! Can I know what happens when you try to login? Do you run into any errors?

No problems with login or with youtube. Its only when I try to connect with facebook

Hi there! This error occurs when your social media account is already linked to another email address, other than your currently logged in xsplit email account.

This can confuse some users–especially if they registered an account on Xsplit using their social media account/s.

We can check your account/s further so we can help you resolve this. For your privacy (as we will be asking for account-specific information like other emails and such) Please contact us here:

Click the chat icon then let’s talk! :slight_smile:

My youtube account uses another mail and works.
There are 3 different emails involve… LOL
I can not change my email accounts at facebook and youtube…
BTW… it worked before. This is a new computer…

Hi again! I understand. if you would like us to take a look at these emails, please reach us in our chat support so we can check them out and help you out :slight_smile: