YouTube Live not working

We have had issues since Wednesday where we get notification that we are streaming live to Youtube but we aren’t. Facebook is still working fine. Suggestions on what to troubleshoot?

I’m having the same problem, and I’m hoping your question will help me as well.

Hi there, may I ask which version of XSplit Broadcaster are you using? And, when you start your stream through XSplit Broadcaster a link of your stream would be automatically copied on your clipboard. Can you go to that link using Ctrl+V to paste the URL and see if you are able to access it?

I’m on 4.0. I turned off the feature to have it automatically copy the live link. Either way, I know it’s not posted to YouTube as I have owner access to it as well. I get the notification that it’s streaming but nothing happens. This just started happening in the last two weeks.

Can you make sure that plugins are up to date aswell? To do so go to Tools > My Plugins. If possible do a test with automatically copy the live link enabled then use that link to access the stream and see if it works as this would help us determine the possible cause of the issue.

So I switched over to copy the URL and found out that it’s posting over as private. I’ve made no changes to our Youtube channel and was able to edit it to public. Is there something I can do so that it automatically publishes a public video?

When you start your stream on Youtube, you would be prompted to enter more details. On that window you should be able to change the privacy of your stream. See image for reference:

Capture Y

This setting must have recently changed to “private” being default? Is there a way to change it so “public” is default?

We do apologize for the inconvenience, this is currently a known issue and being investigated.