Youtube Stream Doesn't Save Previous Information

Hello, I decided to create a separate topic for this issue, mainly because it may be unrelated to another topic I created.
When I stream to Youtube, Broadcaster doesn’t save the Title, Description, Tags, etc. from the previous stream. It does on my son’s computer and it does for me on Facebook. Just not Youtube.

Am I missing something in a setting or something? Thank you!


Good day to you, dadslyfe!

Alright, so to my understanding you want it so that the Broadcast details from your previous stream (Using the Youtube Live Output) are saved is that right?

The Youtube plugin does not save the info you enter on the Broadcast details itself. It gets the values from the channel’s live dashboard.

This means, it will fetch the information from this link:

What you can do is to go to Youtube’s live dashboard, update the Title and description from there, restart Broadcaster and open the plugin once more. It should fetch the info you have added in the dashboard :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes! Hope that helps.