Zoom cannot open vcam

Everything is fine until I select vcam in Zoom, when it tells me it cannot start that camera and I should choose another one. Any ideas?


I’m having this same exact issue. If I choose xsplit vcam in zoom it says failed to start the cam. If I change to just the logitech webcam without xsplit vcam works fine.

Extra information: I can see xplit vcam in skype and it works perfectly. In zoom if I try to switch to the actual camera with vcam it still doesn’t work. I have to actually close xsplit vcam and then choose my webcam and it will work in zoom. Seems to be an issue while xsplit vcam is operating. When I’m in the xsplit vcam window I can see myself in the webcam and the background I chose just fine.

Also having this issue. I believe this to be specific to Zoom, and probably not something Xsplit can fix. But if xsplit can fix it, fantastic. I also submitted a ticket to Zoom, but I wouldn’t expect to hear back from them any time soon, given the abnormal amount of people using their service right now.


We received other reports on this and are currently investigating the issue.


Looks like this issue started to happen in Zoom version 4.6.19178.0323. I had Zoom 4.5.7 (5699.1027) installed and everything was working perfect, but after upgrading to 4.6.19178.0323 we are also seeing this issue

The team at XSplit is looking into this as a priority issue, and hope to make some progress asap to figure out why this is happening and then solve it one way or another.

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I’m getting slightly different symptoms with Zoom (web or Windows version).

When Zoom starts using the VCam, the video in the VCam window freezes, and Zoom just shows the VCam logo with URL underneath (where the video feed should be), but no error message. The only way to unfreeze the video in VCam is to restart it.

Currently seeing this issue with Broadcaster as well.

Downgraded on system and the issue continued.

Though my old system that is up to date on XSPLIT does not show this issue at all.

If anyone needs an earlier version of zoom, version 4.6.7 is the only way it works after running thru this with xsplit support

We pushed an update today for XSplit VCam with fix for using VCam in Zoom desktop app.

More info here -> [RELEASE] VCam - March 28, 2020 (Critical fix for using VCam in Zoom)

So wanted to give you guys some good news :wink:

The issue with VCam and the latest Zoom client happened due some some additional security checks that has been applied in Zoom client in the most recent update. The XSplit virtual camera loads a number of DLL’s that was being rejected by Zoom even if they are duly signed with signing certificate.

The issue has been reported to Zoom, but we have also worked in parallel on making some changes to the Virtual camera wherein we avoid DLL loading. We have completed testing of these changes and have just released updates to both VCam and XSplit Broadcaster that resolves the incompatibility with Zoom.

Bottom line is that that issue is now resolved

XSplit Broadcaster users will need to get the update from the help menu help-> Check for updates.

XSplit VCam users should get prompted for update when opening up VCam. If you have VCam running you can also use burger menu -> help -> check for updates.

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Ohh @ cheesyrambo I must have been writing my post while you were sending yours. Anyways , its good news so it deserves to be repeated :wink:

Thanks for the update (March 28, 2020). Unfortunately it doesn’t help with the symptoms I’m getting in Zoom.

Zoom just shows the logo:

and as soon as Zoom opens the camera, VCam’s video feed freezes (in the VCam window).

Not sure if it’s relevant, but the CPU is an old i7-3630QM, and the GPU is an equally old GeForce 675M. VCam is using the CPU only.

I got blindsided by this issue today and my work day was ruined until I saw this. Thanks so much to the devs for getting on this so quick. I’ve downloaded the patch and am now back in business.

Getting the same issue with the logo in Zoom, downgraded zoom to the file in the dropbox previously, and no difference. Running latest version of VCam.

May I ask which version of VCam are you currently using? The latest should be v1.2.2003.2802

yeah, latest version 1.2.2003.2802

I have the same issue as described by sean: VCam works fine until I open Zoom. Than the webcam is not available for VCam anymore because it is now used by Zoom. And this problem is not limited to Zoom. It also happens with OBS.

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@sean @rfstrey We’re able to replicate this freezing issue in several apps, and are working on a fix. Will keep you guys posted!

@sean @rfstrey Update: New version just released with fix for freezing issues [RELEASE] VCam - April 13, 2020 (Fix for Freezing Issues). Please try the new version and let me know if the fix worked for you.

With the new version it now works on my laptop but the problem remains on my desktop PC.