Zoom gets the video input but not the sound

I am using xsplitbroadcaster as input to zoom. The video arrives just fine. The microphones arrive just fine. But, I cannot figure out how to get video playlist sound to arrive in zoom. I can choose between system sound and stream. Neither has the desired effect. I tried using a Newtek NDI stream to input to zoom. But, the results were the same. No playlist sound.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi there, it is not possible to send audio from XSplit to Zoom directly. What I can advise is to use a virtual mixer like VoiceMeter then set audio output of XSplit to VoiceMeter then set it as the microphone on Zoom.

Hey Gary,

As Mariones mentions above, it’s not really possible right now without third party solutions. However, this is indeed something we’re looking in to and something we should provide support for in the near future by utilizing a virtual microphone that you can use in other apps.